Frequently Asked Questions:


How many blades are in a single sharpening job?

Whatever comes on your auger. Whether it be one spoon, one blade or two blades.


Q – How many sharpening jobs before I get a discount on them?

A – If you send six or more sharpening jobs at one time they will be at 11.95 per sharpening. So get together with your fishing buddies and save money, also this way they won’t keep dulling up your auger when they borrow it if they get theirs sharpened too!


Q – How do I package them.

A – Spoons are packed in a box the same size as the biggest spoon and the rest on the top of  the big spoon. (Just as long as they can’t slide around in the box much) Blades are usually packed in paper with tape around them. They are shipped in padded envelopes


Q – How long does it take before they are returned to me?

A –  From when I receive them, I allow two weeks at the longest (most of the time it is one week).


Q – Do I get my own blades back?

A –  Yes


Q – Can  I sharpen any kind of auger blades?

A – Yes, If they come off your auger they can be sharpened (some have better metal then others therefore the sharpening job will last longer.)  The Old Man has been doing this since 1966, if it cuts ice, he can sharpen it.